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Use quotation marks around a set of keywords to search for that exact phrase. Clear search. Johannette Dorothea Doerfler born Viggo in France 02 Portrait. Viggo Georg Joseph Dorffler born Otella Charlotte Doerfler born Doerfler, Steven headstone Portrait. GDoerfler Headstone. Doerfler Family Other Date: Abt. HeaterAlbum Portrait. Eva E. Jenemann Marriage Cert. He specializes in building great teams and scaling rapidly. He believes in the servant leadership model and staying cool under pressure. When not at work he's either exercising or spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

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Lanice is new-ish to the tech scene and has found a passion helping others through technology. She is kicking off her career in business development, using tech to solve problems. In her free time, Lanice likes to travel and explore different cities and cultures. Fran has been programming for more than 20 years in several disciplines of computer science. After using many different programming languages he fell in love with Rails since Rails 2. When not working, Fran enjoys spending time with family, reading about new tech and playing video games.

Aric is a support engineer with a background in linux system administration. He loves to learn and is always looking to expand his knowledge base. When not working, Aric can be found traveling, exploring the outdoors, or watching football with his wife and son.

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Prior to joining GitLab, William's career focused on marketing to technical buyers at companies like Twilio and Digium, the sponsor of open source Asterisk. Outside of work, you can find William cooking, taking walks, and playing video games with his wife and three children. Jim Torres has been working with data and technology for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in helping reseller development worldwide and increasing customer adoption of new and existing technology to advance business value. Jim has worked in several startups as well as established companies such as GE Digital and has experience with multiple markets such as Finance, Telecom, Healthcare and Industrial to name just a few.

Jim works effectively to provide value to all markets, customers and resellers. Mayra also happens to love programming, she values clean, well-crafted code created through best practices and patterns over anything else. Proud Mexican and cat enthusiast, in her spare time Mayra enjoys geeky stuff in general like books, movies, TV series and of course, cats. Brendan has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code. He is a zealous advocate for the user experience. Brendan can still remember what his first computer - a Tandy - felt like to use and break Brendan has worked with a wide range of customers - from the nation's top healthcare institutions to environmental services companies to the Department of Defense.

The only thing more eclectic is probably his taste in music. Outside of work, you'll find Brendan with 1 to 4 kids hanging off of him at any given time or occasionally finding a moment alone to build something in his workshop. He's always working on something, so you can usually find him in front of the keyboard. Jesse loves helping businesses achieve their goals through creative use of intelligent software solutions.

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Prior to joining GitLab, Nadia ran a small recruiting agency, mostly working with International companies and specifically passionate about remote working. When she's not working, she is hiking with her family, running or taking her Scott Spark 29'er for a spin! Takuya is a software engineer specializing in digital transformation from Tokyo, Japan. He focuses on keeping GitLab easier to contribute, as well as fixing bugs and adding features.

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As of May , they have reached more than 1, members. He is also one of the Cloud Native Ambassadors of Cloud Native Computing Foundation to encourage developers to adopt a cloud native computing paradigm for various kinds of applications and systems. Hannah is a technology sales professional who is passionate about introducing new solutions that help her customers deliver amazing results and in turn help organizations drive business value. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors in beautiful Colorado and trying her hand at any recipe she sees.

Jan loves Linux and software development. When he is not working, he likes skiing and reading Terry Pratchett's books. She currently lives in Chicago, IL with her family and enjoys, scuba diving, hiking and eating Italian food. Brooke is a Seattle Native who loves to stay active by getting outside - rain or shine! Prior to joining GitLab, Brooke ran the lead generation efforts for a predictive analytics start-up, where the firm earned the Business Analytics Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. In her free time Brooke enjoys hiking, snowboarding, beach volleyball, tennis, and yoga.

Paul has spent the last 17 years helping clients implement and adopt new technology solutions that help drive business value. In his spare time he loves playing with his two young children, excercising and cheering on The Patriots! Prior to working at Gitlab, Michael was developing his sales skills at Curvature. He loves to rock climb, play with his dog, and build awesome things! Prior to working at Gitlab, Adam has worked in technology recruiting and adtech sales.

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When he is not working, Adam loves stand up comedy and exploring New York City. Before joining Gitlab, Thiago worked in a variety of technical roles in Brazil.

He enjoys biking around his city, reading and spending time with his family in his spare time. I'm a listener, a story teller, an agilist, a part time runner, an avid college football fan and loyal husband and friend. I like to look at life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Make your own way, but most importantly, have fun while doing it. If you can find like-minded people to share your adventure with, you've already won.

I enjoy bad puns, making people laugh and especially learning new things.

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Also, there's not a home project that I won't attempt at least once. Smile, learn something new today and if you can, make a new friend. Developer in a past life, Patrick now enjoys helping large companies make meaningful leaps in how they use new technology. Katherine is passionate about universal design and how it enhances user experience research.

She has a B. Katherine enjoys writing poetry, studying languages, and watching Bollywood movies in her free time. Outside of work, Justin enjoys good food, good wine and assists in the running of a target shooting club not at the same time as enjoying good wine. Ralph has beek selling enterprise software for many years and has worked at some very successful startups.

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He is a dog lover and owns a Pit Bull. He enjoys time with his family, working out,reading, and tries to play golf when he can. Ralph also believes in making good relationships with everyone he meets. Craig has plus years experience in software sales and has been providing innovative technology solutions to Federal Government customers for more than a decade. He enjoys running, hiking, traveling, music, photography, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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While he greatly enjoys playing guitar, he has been advised not to quit his day job. He lives in the Nashville metro area. James specializes in application security, penetration testing, and software development. Prior to GitLab, he was at Apple hacking all the things. His goal is to help GitLab succeed in the most secure way possible. He also has a passion for drinking great beer and eating exceptional food.

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Namho is a support engineer with experience in web development and Linux systems administration. Originally from Cambridge, UK. While running a political news site for close to seven years, she was bitten by the tech bug and has been doubling down into that world ever since. Hailing from a town known for its fantastical culinary offerings, Aricka is a big time foodie that's always on the prowl for a new restaurant or recipe. Jacopo is a software developer from Brescia, Italy. He started to contribute to GitLab in late He focuses on bug fixes and new features in various sides of the app: backend, frontend, api, quality.

He enjoys test automation and static code analysis tools. In his spare time he enjoys gym training and watching programming talks. Upon graduation he spent two years serving in Peace Corps, Benin helping local non-profits and other volunteers with technical projects. After a 2 year stay in rural Japan, he spent 9 years in Cambodia as the IT Director of an education-focused non-profit.

Lyle now lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada. He enjoys learning languages, playing with his children and eating delicious things at in the city's many excellent restaurants. She has a long background in support and Dev Ops, in companies large and small.

She loves a good puzzle. In her free time she takes a lot of garment fitting and sewing workshops, and is the slave to two dogs and two cats at home. Laci is a lifelong technologist and surfer.