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NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages

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Register your newborn online Registry Office locations. You will need to advise if the information isn't available; for instance, an adult separated from their birth family at a young age. Applicants need to prove their identity unless they are applying for a birth certificate that's more than years old.

NSW Transcription Orders Received before 5PM

If applying in person or by post, you will need either of these showing your photo, current name, postal address and signature:. If you don't have those, CBS will accept two of the following, showing your current name and postal address on one and your signature on the other:.

Occasionally CBS can't find a record to match an application. Processing times can vary depending on the date of the certificate.


Check estimated processing times on the CBS website to work out how long it will take to get your certificate. There is no extra postage cost for a fast-tracked certificate sent by express post. Priority service is not available for births that are not registered, commemorative certificates or birth certificates more than years old.

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Who can apply Anyone born in South Australia can apply for their own birth certificate.

​​​​​​NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages

You can change your gender on federal formal documents or records by applying to the agency that looks after the document or record that you want to change. There are Australian Government Guidelines on recognising gender see the link further below. This means that:. Under the Australian Government Guidelines, you need to provide one of the following with your request for a change of your recorded gender:. This means that even though you may not have any related medical procedures, you can still apply to correct the gender information recorded on your personal record.

Who can apply

See the Australian Government Guidelines. For this application, you must also provide one of the documents outlined in the Australian Government Guidelines.

If you are in the process of transitioning, you can provide a statement from a registered medical practitioner or psychologist that you have had or are receiving appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition. The different departments may have different application forms and therefore varied outcomes around changing your gender identification. The Department of Human Services can update your gender as male or female, but if you identify as non-binary, they can only add a note on your personal record. You can also tell them you prefer not to use a courtesy title such as Miss, Mr or Ms.

In more conservative countries or areas you may become the focus of unwanted attention.

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This is legal information only and does not constitute legal advice. You should always contact a lawyer for advice specific to your situation. How to change your gender status on formal documents 28 August A resource for trans and gender diverse young people and their families in NSW This fact sheet answers some common questions trans and gender diverse young people, and their families, have about self-identification on formal documents.