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We always strive to help each applicant secure an auto loan that fits their unique financial situation. For drivers near Danville and Williamsport, PA, come to Fairfield Chevrolet for bad credit financing for your next vehicle purchase! Here on our website you can fill out and submit a secure credit application form; then, our Finance Department will determine if you qualify for bad credit financing.

You will find that if you have less than perfect credit, getting a bad credit auto loan at Fairfield Chevrolet is hassle-free. High-risk lenders are different from conventional bank lenders in that they look beyond your credit history to see if you can get approval for a car loan. High-risk loans tend to bring a higher rate of interest than a traditional auto loan, but Fairfield Chevrolet will work to get you the lowest rate available to you. With a high-risk loan, you can get the reliable transportation you need -- and it can also help raise your credit score while you pay off your auto loan.

No matter what your situation may be, we're ready to help. Maybe you're a young person with no credit history yet or maybe events in your life have damaged your current score. Whatever the circumstance may be, we're ready to help you get your loan. Our finance experts have worked with all kinds of credit scores and financial situations, so we are ready to provide a variety of solutions for you. We'll use our expertise along with help from a number of banks and credit unions to make sure you can get a car loan, and a good one at that.

Vehicle Finance Credit Improvement

When you get that loan, you'll be able to take home an awesome new car. You'll also get the chance to start rebuilding your credit score.

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If you make your loan payments on time, your score will begin to improve, which will allow you to get loans more easily the next time you need one. When you're ready to get the financing you need to get behind the wheel of a new car, come on over to our Middlebury, CT dealership. We will gladly answer all your questions and then help you get started on getting the auto loan that best suits your needs.

Bad Credit and No Credit Auto Financing

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You have a good job, a healthy down payment and a great record of paying bills on time. Depending on who you ask, it can be somewhere between difficult and impossible to buy a car when you have no credit. Up to million people in the U. On the bright side, getting that car loan and making all your payments on time will establish your credit.

So, this is likely to be a one-time problem. But securing that first auto loan can feel like standing at the bottom of Everest and looking straight up.

Can I Buy a Car With No Credit?

Buying a car with no credit might be difficult but not impossible. Here are six options to consider. See related: How to buy a car with your credit card. Walk into a bank or car dealer with no credit and at some point, someone will ask if you can get a co-signer. This means card issuers could raise their rates or cut their credit lines, in light of the new loan.

This could make it more difficult or expensive for them to get credit in the future.

How to Get an Auto Loan with No Credit | Car Loans No Credit

But you might have a checking account, cellphone, utility bill or a rent payment. Essential reads, delivered weekly. How it works: You sign up for the program with Experian and give the company access to your online checking account records. It sifts through and gives you credit for reoccurring, timely payments.

Late payments or negative data are ignored, says Joiner. Among consumers who see an increase, scores go up an average of 13 points, he says — but a CreditCards.

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  6. Consumers can also discontinue the service whenever they like. The trade-offs: Your auto lender has to use the Experian data in its underwriting different lenders use different bureaus. Also, you have to be enrolled in online banking. So can a buyer with little or no credit get a car loan at a regular, name-brand auto dealer?