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HCSOTexas traffic units are on scene investigating. Two Montebello men and a man from Commerce were arrested August 12 and 13 after a lengthy investigation identified them as suspects in the theft of a police SUV. Thanks Ron, terrific job. No one in the world does it better than YOU. Without Voter ID, it is all so meaningless.

The year-old boy critically injured in a South L. LAPD has released new video of a 2nd vehicle being sought in hopes of cracking the case. A small brush fire has been reported in Pacific Palisades near Topanga, with "no current threat to Malibu," according to Malibu City alert. Currently being handled by LAFD.

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No further information at this time. When a Conservative does even a fraction of what Chris Cuomo did with his lunatic ranting, raving, and cursing, they get destroyed by the Fake News. We never learn. Looking forward to making a speech on energy. So important.


Everyone should be calm and safe. I can't imagine why. It is no longer a news organization. It is an agenda driven organization out to change the Country for the worse. So far they have not done what they said. Maybe this will be different. He shouldn't be allowed to have any weapon. He's nuts. Gunpoint robbery reported at a residence. Paul police say an officer responding to a stolen vehicle call early Tuesday morning fired at a vehicle after the suspect drove at a fellow officer.

State police are assisting in the investigation into a shooting in New Haven that killed one person and injured a police captain. SPD says the suspect shot at an officer during a traffic stop. The officer wasn't hurt, but the officer's car.

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Prices not up, no inflation. Farmers getting more than China would be spending. Fake News won't report. Investigation continues at the scene of deadly shooting of CHPInland officer late yesterday. RPDAir1 transported the gravely injured officer to the hospital. Riverside Police leading the investigation, according to Chief Sergio Diaz. A man is dead after a shooting in east Columbus. Columbus police say a male in his 20's was shot around Monday night in the block of Stoddart Avenue.

Police have arrested year-old Gregory Huish in connection with this shooting and charged him with murder. The bus did not hit the person. Birmingham police are investigating a shooting that left one male injured and transported to UAB hospital for treatment. A man wounded in a drive-by shooting Monday afternoon was at least the 11th person shot in less than 72 hours in Jacksonville.

One of FBI's ten most-wanted fugitives arrested in Bangkok

Ann restaurant was damaged when an SUV crashed into it overnight. The vehicle went into the Quik Wok in the block of St. Charles Rock Road before 2 a. Fire suppression efforts will impact the morning commute on S Park St. Minneapolis police are investigating an overnight homicide on a popular downtown bike path. Police are investigating a murder-suicide in Dauphin County. One person was killed and another was critically injured in a shooting near the University of Memphis Monday night, Memphis police said. Road towards Todd Rd is currently shut down while police investigate. Police said the suspect fired shots from across the highway, damaging some windows.

One of FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives is found in Maryland

Authorities caught the suspect a short time later. Homicide investigation underway after person shot, killed at OKC apartment complex. A man was found dead Monday in a new rhino exhibit that is under construction at the Oregon Zoo, Portland Police said. A man was taken into custody after he allegedly fired shots into an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

A man has been charged with beating and stabbing his mother to death inside a condominium the two shared in Garden Grove, officials said Monday. The Billings Fire Department responded to a house fire shortly before a. Tuesday at Lake Elmo Drive. The fire was at the back of the house and the attic.

Flames and heavy smoke could be seen coming from the structure. Suffolk Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that happened Monday night. Police say the public is not in danger.

An year-old man was shot Monday afternoon in Carlsbad and police were still searching for the shooter. Four people wanted in connection with a homicide in Gurnee were taken into custody in Chicago after a high-speed chase Tuesday morning, Illinois State Police said. Shooting in Gurnee; 4 suspects arrested after police chase that ended on Randolph off the Kennedy.

North Belt officers are at Airtex and IH45 with a shooting victim. Male advised he was at a fast food restaurant on Greens when he was shot during a robbery. Someone was stabbed during a carjacking Monday night in University City, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said. Sharonville police confirm they are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting early Tuesday.

The suspect was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, they said. Louis, Missouri. Louis homicide detectives are investigating the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old boy in north St. Louis Monday. With this limited guidance in mind, the Court is unpersuaded by the Government's argument that Hinkson's requests were invalid as anticipatory. Hinkson's requests were made in custodial circumstances because no reasonable person would feel free to leave after being told that he was under arrest pursuant to a warrant, forced to submit to a search of his person, and told that going with the arresting officer was "not really negotiable.

Hayden, F. Agent Long had not asked any questions at this point, but Hinkson had been in a noncustodial interview with Det. Mealer at the Sheriff's substation immediately prior to his arrest. Hinkson was also aware, prior to his asking for a phone call, that he was being taken into custody by Agent Long. Mealer had introduced Agent Long moments before as someone from the FBI who wanted to talk with Hinkson about "federal stuff.

The anticipatory invocations rejected by the Supreme Court and other courts were made under different circumstances and were temporally removed from the subsequent interrogation. Redman, 34 F. In contrast here, within a span of less than five minutes: 1 Det. Mealer told Hinkson that the FBI agent was there to speak with him; 2 the FBI agent told Hinkson that he was under arrest; and 3 Hinkson asked for his phone call and then asked about calling a lawyer.

The actions were too close in time for the Court to decide that Hinkson's request to call his lawyer was unreasonably untimely. It would be arbitrary and unjust to require a defendant in these circumstances to wait until after the first custodial question is asked to effectively assert his right to counsel. Moreover, the agent admits that he understood Hinkson to be asking if he could call a lawyer. The Court therefore holds that Hinkson's questions were not anticipatory.

Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho

The Government argues alternatively that Hinkson's statements were not unequivocal and unambiguous requests for counsel and, therefore, Agent Long had no duty to cease any interrogation. The Court is faced with a very close question. Hinkson's counsel correctly concedes that police have the right to complete the arrest procedures necessary to safely secure the arrestee in custody, and to administer Miranda warnings prior to accommodating a requested telephone call.

Hinkson was fully admonished by Agent Long of his right to remain silent and to have the assistance of a lawyer during any questioning.

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  • Hinkson understood those rights when he initiated the conversation with the officers by talking about Raff and the money stolen in Mexico. Whether an accused has unambiguously invoked his Miranda rights is determined by an objective, fact-specific test: whether a suspect "articulate[d] his desire to have counsel present sufficiently clearly that a reasonable police officer in the circumstances would understand the statement to be a request for an attorney.

    United States, U. The Ninth Circuit recently acknowledged that "[o]ur own precedent is not much help since it is somewhat inconsistent on what constitutes an equivocal request for a lawyer. Murphy, F. The Court finds that, viewed together, Hinkson's statements constitute an unequivocal request for counsel. His statement "Can I make my phone call? As Agent Long testified, it is just as likely that a detainee would want to call a relative or spouse in those circumstances.

    However, Hinkson clarified his intent with his follow-up questions of "I can't call my lawyer? Moreover, Agent Long agreed at the evidentiary hearing that, "as of the time that [he] had finished reading the Miranda warnings to [Hinkson], [he] knew that [Hinkson] had asked to call his attorney. In fact, Hinkson's first phone call was to Rich Bellon, an unrelated third party.