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Corll's last known victim of was Ruben Watson Haney, who disappeared on August The first victim of was Willard Karmon Branch, Jr. Moreover, Corll also is not known to have killed between February 1 and June 4, Corll's only known unidentified victim —the 16th body found in the boat shed—was in an advanced stage of decomposition at the time of his discovery, leading investigators to deduce that the victim had likely been killed in or This unidentified victim was found wearing swimming trunks, [] cowboy boots, a leather bracelet and a T-shirt, leading investigators to conclude that he was likely killed in the summer months.

Sharon Derrick has stated that she believes this particular victim may be named Harman , Harmon or French , [] due to the fact that the only outstanding missing person's reports relating to youths from the Houston area dated between and which fit the forensic profile of this unknown youth hold these surnames. Regardless of the date when the unidentified boat shed victim had been killed, there still remains a gap of four months between February and June when no known victims had been claimed by Corll.

In March , a Mr. Abernathy [] had reported to Galveston County authorities that they had observed three men carrying and burying a "long, wrapped bundle" [] at Galveston Beach. The couple identified two of the men as Corll and Henley. The third individual had long, blond hair — like Brooks. As the couple watched the trio, one of the men whom they later identified as Henley advanced upon their car with such a menacing expression that the couple felt compelled to drive away.

However, police were again unwilling to extend the search. In February , a picture was released to the news media of a likely unknown victim of Corll. The image depicts a blond-haired teenage youth in handcuffs, strapped to an undepicted device upon Corll's floor — alongside a toolbox known to contain various instruments Corll is known to have used to torture his victims.

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The individual depicted has been ruled out by the Harris County Medical Examiner as being any of Corll's known victims — including his one remaining known unidentified victim. Henley himself has stated that the picture must have been taken after he had acquired a Polaroid camera in — although he is adamant that he has no idea who this boy is. Given that Henley became acquainted with Corll in , it is likely this boy would have been killed in or During a routine investigation in March , the Houston police discovered a cache of pornographic pictures and films depicting young boys.

Of the 16 individuals depicted within the films and photos, 11 of the youths appeared to be among the 21 victims of Dean Corll who had been identified by this date. The discovery of the material in Houston in subsequently led to the arrest of five individuals in Santa Clara, California.

There is still no conclusive evidence to suggest that Corll had ever solicited any of his victims in this manner, not only because Houston police chose not to pursue this potential possibility, but also because neither Brooks nor Henley have ever mentioned meeting any individuals from the "organization" Corll had claimed he was involved with.

In addition to these facts, they have never mentioned ever having seen the victims either filmed, photographed or released from Corll's torture board until after their torture and murder. The arrests in Santa Clara do, however, indicate a possible validity into Brooks' statements to police that Corll had informed him that his earliest murder victims had been buried in California.

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Pasadena , Texas , U. Right then's when I knew there were going to be bodies in that shed. You get close to evil like that, no matter how long ago it was, and it never leaves you.

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  4. Crime in Houston List of punishments for murder in the United States List of serial killers by country List of serial killers by number of victims. Although some of Corll's victims' homes were later burglarized, [43] Henley was adamant he had never actually participated in these burglaries himself. So he was going to sit down with me—you know, just lay down with me like he'd been doing when we talked—and he was going to put the gun by my head while we were talking Jachimczyk testified as to his uncertainty as to whether John Sellars was a victim of Dean Corll at Henley's trial, he did emphasize his uncertainty as to his personal opinion.

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